Rain Dance Floor

Rain Dance is a ceremonial dance. It was a happy occassion during our previous generations by people, who believe, it will cause rain and keep their harvest safe. Growing with nature is not an easy thing now a days. In current age of high technology most of the people who live in cities will be enguaged busily with their job and stressed with high traffic congestion issues. Still they want to enjoy the nature at most. Rain Dance Floor System provides an opportunity of artificial rain so that people can spend some time with their family & kids.

Rain Dance is a great blessing in summer to beat the heat. Extreme heat from scorching sun will be unbearble during summer. This artificial rain will bring the same effect of natural rain. We have gained excellance & experience in desiging & constructing wide variety of Rain Dance Floor Systems to our clients. Even though the system is ideal for summer season, these can be easily installed at any pool side areas. The non-stop high voltage music and attractive lighting effects will make the group to enjoy at maximum. We offer customized high quality rain dance floor systems for the areas like amusement parks, theme parks, resorts, homestays, hotels and farm houses.

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